10 Steps Pro Anglers Remove Fish Hook Stuck in the Skin

It can be really disappointing getting trapped in your own fishing hook. It’s certainly going to ruin the whole fun. Well, it can happen even to the pro angler.

Good news is, there are methods you can employ to remove fishing hooks stuck in your skin depending on how critical it has gone and type of hook used. We discussed the steps below.


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1. Get the Tools You Need

Reach out for the first aid kit and necessary tools like your cutter or plier. You will certainly need them along the line.

2. Observe Hygiene

Wash off the surrounding area with soap and water or disinfecting solution- this is important for hygiene. You don’t want to contaminate the injury with dirt. So washing your hands and the affected area is paramount.

3. Make a Loop with a string

Tie or make a loop using a fishing line for the purpose of applying a jerkplace the loop around the belly of the hook through the eye. You need this to pull out the hook off your skin with a reasonable pull-back force.

4. Disengage the barb from skin

Apply a gentle pressure on the shaft of the hook to ensure the barb is disengaged from the inner flesh. Get this wrong and you would get more pains when making the pull-back force. Don’t worry, there’s just only a tiny bit of flesh behind the barb.

5. Apply a pullback force on the string

Give the string a jerk while pressing down the shaft. This step should be done only when you are sure the barb isn’t trapping much of your flesh. Don’t worry, it won’t hurt much.

If the Barb is too large and will grab a lot of your flesh, you can jump to step 6

6. Advance the barb out of the skin:

Follow the natural curve of the fishing hook to advance the hook including the barb off your skin. This is possible if the hook got stuck near the surface of the skin.

7. Cut off the barb

Cut off the barb portion from the hook using a wire-cutter or a plier.

8. Take off the hook

Remove the hook from the skin by following the curve while pulling the eye backward. This is best done for a single barb. But use step 9 instead for multiple barbed hook.

9. Cut off the eye of the hook

For multiple barbed hook, only cut off the eye and pull off the hook while pulling the barb.

10. Apply First Aid Treatment

Sterilize the wound, bandage if necessary and get back to fishing.









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