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Why flat bottom canoe and kayaks are better for fishing and for beginners

Basically all water transport system comes in 3 bottom shapes – the V-shape, round shape and flat bottom canoe shape. The question is why these different shapes? I think the shapes are there so that paddlers can make a choice on which will suit them better. Someone experience will already know the difference between these […]

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How to Tie an Arbor Knot to your Spinning Reel with video

​If you are concerned about having an efficient fishing experience with your spinning reel, then one very important aspect you must give attention to is the way your arbor knot is fixed to the spool of your spinning reel. It is therefore important to learn how to tie an arbor knot effectively.Normally, most spinning reel […]

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Best Spinning Reel Reviews For Anglers For 2017

No matter how passionate you are about fishing, you can never get the best satisfaction without the right fishing equipment at your disposal. Having the best spinning reel can help ignite that passion thereby getting you the best fishing experience.If you really want to take your fishing journey to the next level, then adding a […]

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