If you love fishing activities and still yet to know how to use a spinning reel, then you are certainly missing out. Not everyone who owns a spinning reel can utilize it effectively. But luckily, you just stumbled on the best resource online that will tutor you on how to fix and use a spinning reel for fishing.

how to use a spinning reel

While fishing has become a popular sport among people that loves outdoor sports, there are still some that live on fishing as a source of income. Whichever the case may be, you sure need a spinning reel. While they are various methods like using the net, or some other method, using the spinning reel is becoming one of the popular tools used in fishing.

The technology and design of the spinning reel has developed over the few years, from the first time a fishing reel was recorded to have appeared in England around 1950. In order to understand how to use a spinning reel, let’s first study the parts or its constituents.

Part Of The Spinning Reel

The various part of the spinning reel is listed below as indicated by the diagram:

how to use a spinning reel
  1. Pick up or ball
  2. Reel seat
  3. Reel foot
  4. Handle
  5. Support arm
  6. Anti-reverse lever
  7. Skirted spool
  8. Fishing line
  9. Drag adjustment knob

How To Get Your Spinning Reel, Rods, Line And Accessories

The first step in using a spinning reel is to know the kind of spinning reel you want and getting them. There are various type of spinning reel and you can find them here. The price varies according to the material and other factors.

After you have sorted out the fishing reel you want to use, then you should look at a fishing rod next this is where the fishing reel will be attached. You should put in mind that in some cases some particular fishing rod may go with a particular spinning reel. Thus you should consult an expert of a store attendant when buying them separate.

You should check out available spinning rod on amazon of various sizes, shapes and prices

You will then have to get a proper fishing line, which depends on the kind of fish you intend aiming at. You will then have to consider bait and get some other accessories like scissors, bucket and so on along. These are really not important with this topic. So we don’t deviate from the topic, let’s move on and see the process of setting up the system.

How To Set Up A Spinning Reel

Now that you have gathered all you will need to fix a fishing reel, we have to first assemble the parts.

We have to first fix the spinning reel on the fish rod, so loosen the reel on the rod and make it quite large enough so the spinning reel can seat properly on the rod.

You then place the spinning reel foot into the reel seat and tighten and make sure it is firm and do not shift.

The next step is very crucial and it is fixing the line on the reel or what is called spooling. If this is not done properly, it might lead to frustration while fishing as it will keep falling off as it is not stable.

The steps in fixing the line on the spinning reel includes:

  • Open the bail, placing the line around the reel just once.
  • We will now have two pieces of line which are connected
  • You then tie a knot using the two pieces formed.
  • Tie another knot using same pieces of line.
  • You should mark a point on the line ¼” away from the reel and cut away the loose piece.
  • You should then close the bail and hold the line a foot away from the reel.
  • The previous step will prevent the line from getting tangled when the line is placed on the reel.
  • You should then turn the reel as you leave only the amount of line you desired on the reel.

When you are done fixing the line on the spinning reel, the next step is to string the rod:

  • You first of all grab the tip of the line with just one hand.
  • You then open the bail arm using your other arm
  • Place the line through each of the rods guide, starting at the bottom and ending at the tip.
  • While doing this, you should ensure you do not let go of the line as it will fall back through the guide and makes things more difficult.

The next step is to tie the knot and this is where most people finds difficult as they do not know how to tie a knot.

  • You should pass the line through the eye of the hook as you create a piece of line on each side of the hook.
  • You will keep this stable by holding the line with your thumb and pointer finger.
  • You then cross one piece over the other hand.
  • This will leave you with a loose loop close to your pointer finger and another piece of line between your pointer finger and your thumb.
  • Place the line between your pointer finger and thumb through the loop.
  • You then pull both end of the line to tighten the knot.
  • You should repeat this at least three times to tighten the knot firmly.
  • Cut the loose line ¼” away from the hook.

We then proceed to set the drag knob:

  • You can tighten the drag knob by turning it clockwise and loosen it turning it anticlockwise.
  • You will then determine how the drag has been effected by pulling line from the reel
  • You should repeat this step to set the drag at the desired length

How To Use Spinning Reel And Rod

When you are done with setting your spinning reel fishing rod, you will now have to learn how to cast your fishing rod.

Now in order for you to use the spinning rod and reel, you will have to allow 1 to 2 feet of the line hanging from the tip of the rod. You should then hold the rod in a manner that your hand is a few inches above the reel and the line should be parallel to the rod.

Open the bail with the opposite hand and lean the rod backward away from the target as you quickly swing the rod towards your target. Ensure to keep your holding on firm so you do not end up throwing your fishing rod away.

Close the bail as you turn the reel handle to reel in the line either fast or slow.

Watch the following video on how to use a spinning reel and rod for fishing.

How to use a bailess reel is becoming very popular as people prefer the simplicity it offers and its ease to use. It provides less difficulties and it does not break easily like the spinning reel with a bail.

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