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How to Tie an Arbor Knot to your Spinning Reel with video

If you are concerned about having an efficient fishing experience with your spinning reel, then one very important aspect you must give attention to is the way your arbor knot is fixed to the spool of your spinning reel. It is therefore important to learn how to tie an arbor knot effectively.

Normally, most spinning reel comes already pre-spooled, but trust me, you may not get the best of it using the initial settings of the spinning reel, hence the need to know how to tie an arbor knot.

An arbor knot other than any other knot is one of the best knot used in spinning reel. You are sure to get the most out of your fishing and we won’t forget to state that they are suitable for almost every type of spinning reels.

When tying an arbor knot, you will want to ensure it's tied as closely sung and secure to spool as possible. Failure to consider this will make difficult and almost impossible to start reeling back again.

If you are looking out to learn How to tie an arbor knot, then you will get the exact steps here in a short while. You will be able to do it yourself even for the first time if you follow the steps gradually. We recommend practicing it while you read and follow the steps listed below.

Before moving to the steps, understand that there a basically two overhand knots. One of the overhand knot is over the main line while the other overhand knot is directly behind the first knot. Understanding this will ease the difficulty in learning how to tie an arbor knot to your spool.

The following highlights the steps to effectively tie an arbor knot.

  • The first step is to wrap your line around the spool of your spinning reel
  • how to tie an arbor knot
  • Next is to put the first knot in place by running the tag end over or under the main line. Though you can do any, but for easy manoeuvring, it’s better to place the tag under.
  • At this point, there should be two main lines coming out from the spool, now you should wrap these two lines with the end of the tag round the spool.
  • The next step in this instruction id to insert the tag end into and out of the loop.
  • At this point, the first overhand knot is already done perfectly, next will be to work on the knot so as to bring it to the spool. While pulling the line, the knot should slip to the spool with ease.
  • The next step is to start tying the second overhand knot. Note that this knot should be on its own line.
  • Ensure you keep both knots a little loosed as you work them close to the spool.
  • The final step is to sing the knot up to the reel and then tightens the knot
  • You may want to clip the excess line from the knot to about 8-inch near the knot.
  • You should have a firm and efficiently tied arbor knot on the spool.

We believe that you would be able to know how to tie an arbor knot after our procedures. It’s not as difficult as you have thought. If you want to enjoy a great fishing experience, then you may want to consider using specially designed spinning reel with arbor knot.

One of such spinning reel is the Pflueger Arbor Spinning Reel. You should consider buying one if you haven’t gotten any yet.

If you still feel lost after going through the laid down steps above, we have pulled out a video to further help you ion this process.


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