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If you happen to stop by a fishing gear shop and ask for a fishing line, you are going to get confused seeing all the various types you never thought existed. This is normal especially if you are just getting started with fishing. The reason is – there are different types of fishing lines and what fishing line to use or go for is fully dependent on some factors which you will get to know shortly.

What fishing line to use is determined by the type of fish you want to catch and the environment. There are also some factors to consider; such as breaking strength, knot strength, the way you cast your line resistance and visibility.

what fishing line to use for bass

A fishing line is a cord that varies in thickness, length and material used for fishing or angling.

Types Of Fishing Lines

We have three major types of fishing line and they have their advantages and disadvantages. Also they have their particular environment in which they are best suitable. We will talk about them briefly.

  1. Braid fishing line

This is the longest fishing line around and has been around for a long time now. It has very high tensile strength, with a small diameter. One outstanding advantage of the braid is that it has no stretch.

The braid is very visible and not suited to be used in highly visible water. If you are looking for the best fishing line to use for saltwater, then the braid fishing line is the way to go. You should also know that that braid line usually goes deeper than any other line and with its tensile strength can haul fish from deep length.

The major disadvantage of the braid line is that it is visible in the water.

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  1. Fluorocarbon

Fluorocarbon line is visible in water and made up of polymer which gives them a strong resistance strength.

It is very suitable for rough fishing environment because of its strength and it does not absorb water. Thus the line does not weaken with pressure. It sinks deeper and faster so it is suitable for deep fishing environment.

One major advantage of fluorocarbon is that it does not stretch, which makes it suitable for deep water fishing.

And because fluorocarbon sinks, it is not suitable for floating fishing rather for deep fishing.

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  1. Monofilament

The monofilament has been around for a very long time. Monofilament is not very visible and it floats, making it the best type of line for floating bait and shallow fishing.

Monofilament has its advantages over fluorocarbon and braid, in that it stretches more than both of them. This will make it difficult for the fish to get loose when struggling with the bait.

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Colors Of Fishing Lines

One question I am sure you would have asked yourself overtime is “does the color of the fishing line matter?, Do fish really see the color of the fishing line and run away?”

what fishing line to use for bass

Well, there is no research that have been done so far that proves that a particular color attracts a fish more than another. We have talked about the different type of fishing line and we have seen that they have different property of visibility based on the material they are made. Thus the color of the fishing line may seems to play a little or no effect on the visibility of the line beneath the water.

So why then does color matters in buying a fishing line? Well, if you visit a fishing gear shop or browse online, you will notice different color of fishing lines. You can choose any one based on your preference.

However one problem with color experienced by users is that some colors fades with time, but most companies have tried to solve this problem by coating with more resistant material.

Even at that, the color of the fishing line usually fades with time based on factors like acidity and salt content of the water. This will affect the color of the fishing line especially if you fish constantly; this problem still poses a challenge.

According to sportfishingmag bronze and green are perfect color for fishing line in inshore saltwater. This is because the muddiness, presence of grass and other content in the water helps with a kind of stealthy approach towards the fish.

When fishing offshore, it is advisable to use multiple colors especially when using different lines in fishing; this will enable you to determine which line has a bit.

Red is suitable for deep water fishing because red kind of becomes darker as it goes deeper in water. Also dark green line are also suitable for any depth of water. Dark green is suitable because fish might recognize or mistake it as grass they are used to in water.

We have now seen that color do play a little part in fishing if used properly in the right environment.

The Pound Test

The pound test is essential to know the strength of the line and the weight of fish the line can hold. The specifications are usually given on the line and it is advisable you follow the instruction so as not to damage the line and help your equipment function properly.

The larger the line size the stronger it is, so you should get a line that will be suitable for the species of fish you intend fishing.

You can find the pound test strength for various fish species and the kind of water environment on angelfire

What Fishing Line To Use For Bass And Surf Fishing

Now when it comes to fishing, they are so many questions to ask and one of the common ones is what kind of fish line to use for bass?

I will strongly recommend using the braid as it is the best fish line for bass, with its tensile strength, no stretch and no resistant.

It is very suitable and you should ensure you get the right tensile strength for the right environment. You can also get the right tensile strength on wideopenspaces.com

The best fish line for surf fishing is the monofilament, I know this is not as common as the braid, this is because the monofilament more resistant and it is easier to use especially for newbies.

In conclusion, fishing line is a very important instrument in fishing and it is essential you get it right in choosing your fishing line. You should also make sure you take account of the fishing environment and your targeted species while choosing your fishing line.

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